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'How to wear a face'
25.05. 2018 - 10.06. 2018
part of CCCC, Gallery G 99 at the Brno House of the Arts    (Brno, Czech Republic)


with Oscar Cueto, Lucia Elena Průša, Lilly Pfalzer, Jimena Mendoza, Luna Ghisetti, Daniel Hüttler


exhibition text

The Centre for Cybernetic Culture Circulation believes in the present (and future) and does not see itself as a mere rendering of past events, nonetheless its program is following a given line of historical milestones upon which it refers. 1968 echoes in the CCCC´s mind more than any other of the years that it had to take in count before. We can speak of an international movement that seeked to transform the ongoing propagation of violence. Such movement found uncountable opponents all around the world that were defeated by an ever deepening sense of togetherness and international solidarity. For this case the CCCC prepared a curated exhibition in the Gallery G99 at the Dum Umeni Mesta Brno; an exhibition featuring artists that have a marked and notorious international focus pivoting from the geopolitical entity we call Mexico. Each of the artists have a different relationship towards the country in question but exhibiting their works here, in Brno can give us a glimpse into the “bigger window” of what solidarity and resistance might have to mean today.

-- Daniel Hüttler (May 2018)

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