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NADA Miami 2020

with Bernhard Buhmann,  Monika Grabuschnigg,  Amir Khojasteh,  Maximiliano León,  Philip Mueller,  Rade Petrasevic 

With works from artists Bernhard Buhmann, Monika Grabuschnigg, Amir Khojasteh, Maximiliano León, Philip Mueller and Rade Petrasevic, “Face It” unabashedly confronts the present with a lifted awareness of our adverse circumstances. The works evoke faces, which observe contemplative states of now, with glimpses of the present. The show embodies the vast reflections of these artists and ultimately, a multitude of the world.

Amidst a period of ambivalence and ambiguity, we long for the return of the familiar. Despite acknowledging our current reality, we move past the obstacles of today, and pave a path towards the future with bold resilience. There is a statement said, not with defeat, but with a sense of clarity and finality: Let’s face it.

The exhibition consists of portraiture conveyed through the differing perspectives of several artists. Together, the figurative artworks portray an honest reflection of humanity’s determination to forge ahead, with face forward, and eyes set on the far horizon.



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